B2B meetings

Meet selected VIP buyers during individual B2B meetings


VIP Buyers in 2019

  • Kirchhoff Automotive,
  • Tenneco Automotive,
  • Sanden Manufacturing Poland,
  • Bitron Poland,
  • Korea Fuel-Tech Poland,
  • Seoyon Sk,
  • Hyundai Transys,
  • NGK Ceramics Polska,
  • ZF Group,
  • Autoneum Poland,
  • Delfo Polska,
  • Hutchinson Poland.
The list is not yet closed and will be updated on a regular basis.

During this year’s third edition of IABM each participant will have the opportunity to arrange many interesting meetings with selected VIP Buyers. To do this, we have created an online reservation system available on our website. It is also possible to use it by installing B2MATCHapplication available on Google Play and App Store platforms. Arranged and confirmed by VIP Buyers meetings will take place on the second day of IABM2019. Each B2B will last about 20 minutes and will be held in a carefully selected group with key business decision makers of VIP Buyers’ representatives.

NOTE: Individual B2B meetings require prior acceptance of the VIP buyer. The organizer is not responsible for rejecting the request for a B2B meeting by the VIP buyer and generally for the number of meetings in the agenda.

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