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Become a sponsor of

International Automotive Business Meeting!

📊 Introduce your knowledge and experience
Partner workshops are important elements of IABM. It gives you the opportunity to present your knowledge to an international audience.
🔔 Put your business in the spotlight
Stand out from the participants presenting their products and marketing materials at the IABM exhibition. Instead of just participating in IABM and looking for people, participants will be able to find out about your company directly at your exhibition.
💻 Increase your brand awareness on the conference and online
We invest in an extensive digital advertising campaign, bringing 500 participants to the room and providing massive on-line visibility (+ 10 million views) of the Sponsor\’s corporate logo. Come prepared to take full advantage of this opportunity!
Sponsors IABM2018
Main Partner
Exclusive sponsor of the offered product/service +
PHASE I – Promotion campaign for IABM
Inserting the title with the Sponsor/Partner logo in:      
Information about the Main Sponsor in the news (IABM blog) +    
Press releases announcing IABM + +
Industry portals and in information provided by Media Patrons + + +
Newsletters before the event + + +
Industry mailings + + +
On the Organizer’s website concerning IABM https://iabmevent.com + + +
On the Organizer’s website http://www.cciip.pl + + +
Organizer’s social media + + +
On the websites of Co-organizers and Partners in information about IABM + + +
PHASE II – Promotion campaign during IABM
The presence of a sponsor’s representative during the conference (one day of the event) as speaker of the panel discussion +
Inserting a brief statement of the Main Sponsor’s representative/Strategic Partner in IABM video relations +
Sponsored post on Facebook (up to 150 characters with the photo) +
Distribution of bags with Partner’s logo together with the materials and gadgets prepared by the Sponsor +
Possibility of displaying an advertising spot up to 30′ displayed between panels on the screens + +
Organizing own seminar/workshop during the second day of the event + +
Sponsor’s logo on the conference wall + + +
Placing the title and logo of the Sponsor/Partner in conference materials + + +
Possibility of distributing advertising materials in welcome bags for all IABM participants + + +
Logo of the Sponsor with its title displayed on both sides of the stage during IABM + + +
Exhibition area – Number of modules (1 module = 3x3m) * 11 6 1
Possibility of placing roll-ups in the conference room 3 pc. 2 pc. 1 pc.
Number of people representing the Sponsor during IABM 8 5 3
(For car makers)
Car exhibition space:
Max 3 cars outside
Max 3 cars inside
+ +
PHASE III – Promotion campaign after IABM
Logo and mention of the Partner in the summary of the event sent to the media + + +
Logo and Partner mention in the organizer’s social media + + +
Logo and mention of the Partner in the newsletters that summarize the event + + +
Logo and Partner mention in the “Previous IABM Editions” tab of the Organiser’s website + + +
60 000 PLN 30 000 PLN 15 000 PLN
14 300 EUR 7 150 EUR 3 570 EUR

* The exhibition space include:
– octagonal system structure
– aluminium frame, white wall panels
– carpet lining
– Logo and company name on the front board
– font unified for the whole Exhibition and stand number (towards one, open side of the stand, letter height up to 10 cm)
– 1 table and 2 upholstery chairs
– 1 electric socket 230V (equipment)
– 1 lighting point (150 W) per each 4 sqm
– cloth hanger (1 per stand)
– waste bin (1 per stand)
– power supply connection, power up to 3 kW 230V, not 24h/day (1 connection per 1 stand)
NOTE: Bigger exhibition space or personalization of exhibition booth can be requested at an additional price.